ATPAI is a full-service multi-disciplined survey, mapping, drafting and design company. As well as specializing in surveying & drafting/design for the telecommunication industries.

Formed in 1987, ATPAI is a privately-owned corporation. ATPAI is certified by the City of Phoenix. ATPAI currently employs 40 surveyors, technicians, designers, draftsmen, and project managers. ATPAI ’s technical staff includes backgrounds from the various disciplines including surveying, mapping, transportation, civil/structural, and communication areas.

ATPAI’s proven successes in drafting, design, and project services is demonstrated through our long-term service to the major utilities including Salt River Project, Cox Communications and many more, that serve the Phoenix metropolitan area. ATPAI has expanded each customer account based on quality, timeliness, customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness. Our project management experience combined with our surveying, mapping, drafting, and design experience has provided us the opportunity to assist many of our customers with successful project results.

QA/QC Procedures

ATPAI, can tailor QA/QC procedures based on client requirements. Our internal procedures follow specific steps to ensure the accuracy and quality of design standards. Our approach begins with a well-defined communication and engagement process with the client to ensure project success throughout the term of the ongoing work. This includes clarifying roles, defining project success measures, setting a problem resolution process, assessing progress and performance, and capturing improvements. ATPAI follows a detailed quality control process using check prints to ensure compliance and accuracy with the work required. ATPAI ensures that the completed work is as requested prior to submission as a completed product.

  • A job issuing meeting with project leader and CAD Technician to communicate requirements and deliverables
  • Logging of jobs in A TEAM’s Automated Job Tracking System, a web-based tool that monitors job life cycle and activities
  • Color coding scheme to document changes and signature stamp to ensure changes are reviewed and completed
  • Drafting check print: Individual review using a standardized checklist
  • Peer review drafting check print: Peer review using a standardized quality control checklist
  • Designer review check print: Detailed review of the design based on the project requirements
  • Project Manager review check print: Complete review of the work to ensure compliance
  • Job closing meeting to review final issuance of job details and lessons learned


A Brief History..

ATPAI’s corporate office is situated at 2317 W Huntington Dr, Tempe, AZ 85282, Maricopa County, Arizona. The resources (vehicles, equipment, staff, etc.) for all project work originate from our Phoenix office. All purchases and expenditures, contracts and all accounting functions are managed through the Tempe office, thus all of the contract work will be performed in the State of Arizona except for those states we hold Licenses for. ATPAI is an Arizona Corporation, founded in 1987. We are a business encompassing a nucleus of professional services with the majority of our project work being performed throughout the State of Arizona.

ATPAI has established a Drug Free Workplace, Safety Standards, both in the office and in the field, an Affirmative Action Plan on file with the City of Phoenix, Maricopa County and the Arizona Department of Transportation, Substance Abuse Policy and Sexual Harassment Policy.

Through honesty, quality, commitment and hard work, ATPAI has become well known throughout the State of Arizona as a solvent and reputable firm. We are also known for the accuracy, quality and timeliness provided to our clients on their Drafting/Design projects.