ATPAI provides survey‐related services, through a teaming agreement as part of our ongoing drafting and design services and support contracts spanning across Arizona. Our work on residential and commercial distribution systems includes conflict research; subsurface utility location, land surveys, and permit coordination.

Survey requirements include research, data collection, review, analysis and determination of existing right-of-way, easements and parcel ownership along the entire length of the project, as well as close communication and coordination with appropriate municipal personnel during the project.

ATPAI has the expertise and experience in all surveying facets that that your company may need. Most of the staff are Registered Land Surveyors in the state of Arizona and additionally has a Certified Federal Surveyor (CFedS)ATPAI provides topographic survey, primary control & independent blind panels for photogrammetric and back-up surveying services as needed for other projects. They have performed Structure surveys and surveys for ADMP/ ADMS mapping projects, set both primary and blind panels, provided QA/QC check shots and cross-sections, dam settlement, subsidence monitoring surveys, geodetic control surveys and land boundary surveys for the DISTRICT since 2002. ATPAI’s knowledge and insight into their client’s best practices, procedures and preferences, along with their extensive working relationship with their clients, ensures a seamless execution of projects due to the reduced learning curve required.

Special Equipment and Other

Over the past few years the market has been healthy, and the workload has been moderate to heavy at times. We very much value the work and business that we share with our various clientele and we dedicate our resources and technologies to their related work. ATPAI has a large volume of GPS equipment and robotic total stations.  This technology, though expensive and highly skilled, avoids traffic delays, detours and eliminates the need for personnel to be nearby potentially hazardous and fast traffic and otherwise unsafe conditions.

Professional Credentials

  • Professional Land Surveyor – State Of Arizona #28237 | APLS
  • Professional Land Surveyor – State Of Arizona #45204
  • Professional Land Surveyor – State Of Arizona #57999
  • Certified Federal Surveyor – BLM #1094

A Brief History..

ATPAI’s corporate office is situated at 2317 W Huntington Dr, Tempe, AZ 85282, Maricopa County, Arizona. The resources (vehicles, equipment, staff, etc.) for all project work originate from our Phoenix office. All purchases and expenditures, contracts and all accounting functions are managed through the Tempe office, thus all of the contract work will be performed in the State of Arizona except for those states we hold Licenses for. ATPAI is an Arizona Corporation, founded in 1987. We are a business encompassing a nucleus of professional services with the majority of our project work being performed throughout the State of Arizona.

ATPAI has established a Drug Free Workplace, Safety Standards, both in the office and in the field, an Affirmative Action Plan on file with the City of Phoenix, Maricopa County and the Arizona Department of Transportation, Substance Abuse Policy and Sexual Harassment Policy.

Through honesty, quality, commitment and hard work, ATPAI has become well known throughout the State of Arizona as a solvent and reputable firm. We are also known for the accuracy, quality and timeliness provided to our clients on their Drafting/Design projects.